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Siu Ching Pong -Asuka Kenji-
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Siu Ching-Pong (better known as “Asuka Kenji”) is a technology enthusiast who enjoys contributing to open source projects and participating in programming contests. He has been a programmer for 30+ years, and still keeps himself up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain (mainly Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum), functional programming (in Scala, Erlang, Java, etc.), asynchronous I/O (with Go a.k.a. Golang, JavaScript on Node.js, etc.), NoSQL (with Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, CouchDB, etc.), and cloud platforms (mainly AWS and IBM Cloud a.k.a. Bluemix), to handle today’s challenge of tamper resistance, multicore utilization, massive concurrency, and horizontal scalability.

Kenji has 10+ years of work experience in the Information Technology industry, 3 years of which in a management position. He rescued several startup companies from months of unproductiveness and years of improper practices, and helped them to get on track in a year. Please check his career portfolio below for information about projects involved (connection, i.e. friend status, is needed).

Kenji likes working in a UNIX environment, partly because he makes heavy use of the command line. He aligns with the UNIX philosophy of compositing small units that are testable, debuggable, benchmark-able and improvable. He is good at data modeling (with OOP, SQL, NoSQL, etc.) and implementing domain-specific languages (DSLs).

Kenji has good analytical and problem-solving skills. He has a strong sense of responsibility, and he is able to meet quality standards as well as schedules.


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