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Lucas Gabriel Sánchez
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I'm a programmer. I've been a programmer for over a decade.

I've love languages, I like to learn them and use as many as I can, and in no particular order these are the ones I used in my career:

  • Action Script 3, for flash games
  • C#, for Unity 3D games
  • C++, for mobile games with cocos2d-x, and apps with JUCE
  • Java, for Android games and apps, and for desktop apps a long time ago
  • Objective-C, for iOS games and apps
  • JavaScript, for Web and web services (nodejs)
  • Go, for web services
  • Python (2.x and 3.x), for internal tools and game servers

I like to play around with different languages to build things and find interesting facts about programming, so I'm developing a new programming language (duh!) in a very slow pace, not only to create something, but also to learn the hows and whys of this lovely profession.

The languages I'm interested or learning right now: Lisp, Erlang and Elixir


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