An error occurred while resolving packages:
 Project has invalid dependencies:
  com.unity.2d.sprite: Package [com.unity.2d.sprite@1.0.0] cannot be found
  com.unity.2d.tilemap: Package [com.unity.2d.tilemap@1.0.0] cannot be found
  com.unity.modules.androidjni: Package [com.unity.modules.androidjni@1.0.0] cannot be found
  com.unity.package-manager-ui: Package [com.unity.package-manager-ui@2.2.0] cannot be found
  com.unity.timeline: Package [com.unity.timeline@1.1.0] cannot be found
  com.unity.ugui: Package [com.unity.ugui@1.0.0] cannot be found

A re-import of the project may be required to fix the issue or a manual modification of C:/Users/user/Documents/unity_projects/UnityBreakOut/Packages/manifest.json file.

Click on Retry to relaunch Unity and reopen your project.

Click on Continue to launch Unity. Some or all packages may not be imported which may cause compilation errors.
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    そのプロジェクトが依存するパッケージが見つからないということでは – ra1ned 3月16日 7:30