class Sentiment_data_set(Dataset):

    def __init__(self, data_dir, data_file, wv_file):

        data = self._get_data(data_dir, data_file)
        wvd = self._get_wv(data_dir, wv_file)

        self.data = self._convert_data(data, wvd)

    def __getitem__(self, index):

        return self.data[index]

    def __len__(self):

        return len(self.data)

    def _get_data(self, data_dir, file_name):

        data_path = os.path.join(data_dir, file_name)

        if not os.path.exists(data_path):
            print("DATA FILE NOT FOUND")
            return None

        data = []

        with open(data_path, encoding="utf-8") as f:
            for line in f:
                text = [w.lower().strip() for w in line.split()[:-1]]
                sentiment = int(line.split()[-1].strip())
                example = (text, sentiment)

        return data

    def _get_wv(self, data_dir, wv_file):

        data_path = os.path.join(data_dir, wv_file)

        if not os.path.exists(data_path):
            print("Word Vector FILE NOT FOUND")
            return None
        wvd =dict()

        with open(data_path, encoding="utf-8") as f:
            for line in f:
                key = line.split()[0].lower().strip()
                vec = np.array([float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]])
                wvd[key] = vec

        return wvd

    def _convert_data(self, data, wvd):

        s = next(iter(wvd.values())).shape
        result = []
        vl = []

        for d in data:
            words = d[0]
            label = d[1]
            vs = np.array([wvd.get(w, np.zeros(s)) for w in words])        
            av = np.mean(vs, axis = 0)

            result.append((av, label))

        return result

ds_train = Sentiment_data_set(data_dir, training_file, wv_file)

train_data_loader = torch.utils.data.DataLoader(dataset=ds_train, batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=True)



[tensor([[ 2.3268e-01,  2.8075e-01,  5.1483e-02, -1.1740e-01,  7.2760e-01,
      -9.8404e-02, -3.3779e-01, -6.0064e-02,  1.3120e-02,  1.4159e-01,
      -1.0131e-01, -3.4091e-01,  1.3472e-02, -6.8300e-03,  5.5985e-01,
       2.6401e-01,  9.5887e-02,  2.7210e-01, -2.7710e-01, -2.4456e-01,
       9.1790e-02,  4.5828e-01,  5.5885e-02,  3.6671e-01,  5.3345e-01,
      -1.3135e+00, -6.5693e-01,  2.3515e-01,  1.8337e-01, -4.1516e-01,
       2.5550e+00,  4.6701e-01,  1.5873e-02, -6.1980e-01, -3.9348e-01,
      -1.1219e-01,  1.0424e-01,  5.8896e-02, -1.7226e-01, -2.8285e-01,
      -9.2470e-02,  5.5494e-02, -2.6005e-01,  3.1202e-01, -3.5885e-01,
       7.2462e-02, -1.6250e-01, -1.9688e-01, -9.7038e-02,  1.9388e-01],
             [ 4.8415e-01,  3.7791e-01, -1.9045e-01,  4.9401e-02,  2.9869e-01,
       3.2306e-01, -3.5511e-01, -1.0950e-01,  1.0837e-02, -1.3993e-01,
      -8.2864e-02, -2.0526e-01, -3.8563e-01,  5.0814e-02,  4.3061e-01,
      -6.6627e-02,  7.1168e-02, -2.2624e-02, -6.3862e-01, -9.9058e-02,
       1.1668e-01,  8.0578e-02,  2.3456e-02, -1.3852e-01,  7.7296e-02,
      -1.4985e+00, -4.2845e-01, -4.2376e-02,  4.3659e-02,  4.6751e-02,
       3.2178e+00, -1.6511e-02, -2.7963e-01, -3.4116e-01,  1.0839e-01,
       1.2656e-01, -4.8618e-02,  7.1068e-02, -8.9768e-02, -2.1865e-01,
      -3.1404e-01,  2.7174e-02,  3.3482e-02,  6.7144e-02, -1.6599e-01,
       9.8886e-02,  5.0593e-02, -4.5888e-02, -1.2297e-01, -4.2410e-01]],

tensor([0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1])]


class Model(nn.Module):

    def __init__(self):

        super(Model, self).__init__()

        self.l1 = nn.Linear(50, 20)
        self.l2 = nn.Linear(20, 10)
        self.l3 = nn.Linear(10, 1)

        self.sigmoid = torch.nn.Sigmoid()

    def forward(self,x):

        out1 = self.l1(x)
        out2 = self.sigmoid(self.l2(out1))
        y_pred = self.sigmoid(self.l3(out2))

        return y_pred

model = Model() 

criterion = nn.CrossEntropyLoss()
optimizer = torch.optim.SGD(model.parameters(), lr=0.1)



for epoch in range(2):
    for i, data in enumerate(train_data_loader, 0):
        # get the inputs
        inputs, labels = data

        # wrap them in Variable
        inputs, labels = Variable(inputs), Variable(labels)

        y_pred = model(inputs)

        #Compute and print loss
        loss = criterion (y_pred, labels)
        print(epoch, i, loss.data[0])



RuntimeError: Assertion `cur_target >= 0 && cur_target < n_classes' failed.  at /Users/administrator/nightlies/pytorch-1.0.0/wheel_build_dirs/conda_3.6/conda/conda-bld/pytorch_1544137972173/work/aten/src/THNN/generic/ClassNLLCriterion.c:93