GitHub にある Sony の Spresense SDK に含まれる mkspk には64bit用のバイナリ実行ファイルしかありません。
私は32bit環境のLinux上で開発しており、これのソースコードを探しています。mkspk-v0.17 のソースコードを手に入れることは出来ますか?

(英語版 StackOverflow ではオフトピックとされたため、日本語版で質問しています。以上は下記英文の概要です)

some source code is missing on github

One utility is preventing me from developing on 32bit Linux securely. The mkspr executable has no sources. This has two issues, as it is X64 (64bit) only binary, and I don't like running code on my machine that I can't be sure is not nefarious. I also would be able to develop on Raspberry pi and other non x86 based computers.

So far, I have migrated to 32bit everything else, including the binary wrapped python3.5 flash_writer, which was very easy to decompile back to source, and is gpl2, and also is not available as source.

Any chance of Mr. Shunichi or SONY releasing the source for mkspk-v0.17? I also have a few bugs to report, but more on that after I get the source code.

Apologies for asking here in English, but the people on the English stackoverflow were rude and deleted my question for no good reason.

@Spresense please open ability to report bugs and do support requests on GitHub so that questions like this can be asked without disturbing the stackoverflow community.

(google translated)
@spresense バグを報告する機能を開いて、GitHubのリクエストをサポートしてください。そうすれば、stackoverflowコミュニティを妨害することなく、このような質問をすることができます。

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